California Community Forests Foundation Enhancing communities and the environment through education

Your community forest needs you!

Spectacular redwood forests on the north coast, leafy streets in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Fresno, and Redding, a beloved parkway in Chico, ponderosa pine, oak forests in the foothills...these represent only a few of the many forests in our state. California's forests are as diverse as its human population. Across the state, people find that protecting and enhancing their local forests enhances their communities.

Your community forest, be it a few trees or many, needs your attention. Join us to support forest stewardship in your community.

What is CCFF?

California Community Forests Foundation (CCFF) is a non-profit statewide organization formed in 1996 to support partners in California communities involved in environmental education and concerned about their local natural communities, especially forests.

We help seek and manage funds for projects and programs that educate Californians about stewardship of natural systems and resources.

California Community Forests Foundation partners with organizations, schools, and communities to promote the well-being of community forests and natural ecosystems through youth and adult environmental education and community-based conservation projects.

Grant Opportunities:

We are funding several community-based projects that get kids outside. Check out these links:

Goals for 2015

  • Continue to seek and manage new grants in support of the California Project Learning Tree program in order to strengthen and expand the program with the aim of reaching a wider audience of educators in California.
  • Support California "ArborWeek" events, especially the 2015 youth poster contest (details on these events can be found at
  • Enhance partnerships with urban and community forests programs including those sponsored by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the California Urban Forestry Council, and California ReLeaf.
  • Strengthen partnerships with community groups sharing similar missions and program goals.
  • Continue support for organizations educating youth about the environment.
  • Support national and state efforts to coordinate the development of a state environmental literacy plan.
  • Sponsor a student internship program in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Education.
  • Expand CCFF's website to support outreach efforts.
  • Pursue additional funding to support CCFF’s mission.